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Προκήρυξη διαγωνισμού για
Προκήρυξη διαγωνισμού για "ICT Support Services II"
Κείμενο προκήρυξης
Title: ICT Support Services II 
Reference:  AO/DRS/SAN/ICTSS-II/006/17
The purpose of this open invitation to tender is to conclude two framework contracts with Service Providers for various ICT services. It is divided in two (2) lots corresponding to 2 distinct ICT fields: in details provision of services for the smooth functioning and the continuous operation of the ICT Infrastructure in terms of all the Windows and Unix systems, as well as the proper documentation of the ICT procedures to comply with ICT Risk Assessment, Compliance and ICT standards. This will include monitoring of the compliance standards using automated open source Unix software that will be in line with the documentation and the procedures in place according to ISO-27000 and other EU and international IT compliance standards.
All relevant information concerning this procedure can be found on our website from where you can download all needed documents:

Deadline of submitting tenders: 12/09/2017 (17h00 for hand-delivered tenders).
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